Hair Salon Admirers

I’ve been watching through old cartoons in an attempt to prove to a forum friend that subbed is 100 times better than dubbed, and I’ve come across quite a few hidden gems that I’d forgotten. Buried deep in my memory, only a few episodes watched, but still full of Japanese goodness; so much to catch up on! I remember having a brief infatuation with ‘School Plasters’, about a nurse in a boarding school who’d make the students play and beat her in a card game before they could get treatment. The dub of that is decent though, so not useful for me right now.

Seriously, though…SO much hair styling cartoons that I’d forgotten. You know that one that came out recently, about a South Melbourne hair salon worker who wanted to be the very best at cutting hair, and also fighting hair-related monsters? Yeah, turns out that they did that before, except the setting is a Melbourne hair salon instead of the local area, and instead of fighting monsters the main character has to fend off the affections of multiple boys who all love her for some reason. It’s a whole genre and I never really noticed how much of it I unknowingly watched as a kid. Like, they’d all be set in hairdressing places, or hair academies, and the main character would always be a girl who’s really into hairdressing but doesn’t have much else going on in the personality department, and a string of guys would follow her around trying to win her love. There are loads of twists on it, of course, but the details remain the same: hair salon, girl, boys, multiple scenes of both impressive hair styling techniques and the girl getting into strange situations with the boys and having to explain herself badly.

I guess it went out of fashion. I’m happy with the setting being a hair salon in Melbourne, though Dinki-Dai-Animation lets us choose between subs (huzzah!) and dubs (boo!). There’s English everywhere, so whatever.