Just Moving On

Conveyancers are not something Ma and Pa would’ve liked, but they always hated anyone who wears a suit to work. It’s all part of the ‘system’, making people ‘soft’. Don’t think they realised how much financial work was done behind the scenes to make the farm work, but they always tried to remove themselves from that stuff.

Now I’M the one dealing with conveyancers. Probably the best person in the family to be doing it, if I’m honest. Turns out that just casually reading about the section 32 statement during one of my light reading sessions came in handy. Now I have lots of time to read, since no one is going to tell me otherwise, although…lots of things to do. Lots of paperwork, life insurance, and of course there are the title transfers, but it’s all in the family so it shouldn’t be too complex. The will was simple but surprisingly effective. And I wasn’t cut out of it, so that’s a plus.

It’s quiet here now. Perfect for getting down to work. I’m missing a bit of school, but I think with the way things are going that’s not going to be a humongous problem. The conveyancers have been helpful, and I can deal with a lot of it myself that people my age wouldn’t have a clue about. Like…the farmhands. They’re still working, after all, and they shouldn’t lose their jobs. I can make it so the place keeps ticking over. I’m hoping someone wants to buy the place, because it’s feeling really empty and I just want to move on. I can live by myself, I think. I know all about running a home, and fortunately there are conveyancers in the south east who can give me advice on the legalities.

Or whatever happens. Maybe I should switch off adult mode and just be 14 for a little while. But having stuff to do helps with…everything.