The Bathroom Mystery

Sometimes, in my darker moments, I think we may have too many bathrooms. The other day I was attempting to locate a book I had been reading in one of the drawing rooms. The problem was that it was one of the drawing rooms down the east wing of the mansion that we seldom use, and I was there because it was a mystery book with quite a puzzling plot and I wished to not be disturbed. I feel sure I was approaching the climax of the novel, but I placed it on the table and now I simply can’t remember which drawing room it was.

Was it the east wing, or…the west, perhaps? And now I’m taking a break in a more often-used drawing room while I try to remember. I stumbled across so many bathrooms on my search that I simply can’t remember seeing before, and I think some bathroom renovation is in order because I simply did not like half of them. True, it’s unlike they’ll ever be used in the next few decades, but i can’t abide the thought of bathrooms in need of renovation in my own home, just being left in their current state. One of them seemed to have a purple theme, with purple sinks and tiles…which might mean that I myself had it renovated a few years ago, I can’t remember. I was going through a bit of a purple phase back then, but those days are fortunately over. It will not stand. The bathroom must be renovated, to remove all of the dreaded purple.

So many errors, no doubt brought on by my old self who had no idea of how to properly design rooms. Of course, this may be a large-scale issue. Perhaps I may need to search for someone to help with my new kitchen designs here in Melbourne, because- while I never visit the laundry areas- I’m sure they’re in need of an update. This can be my little project for the next few months. Right after I solve the mystery of my missing mystery book.