A Window Revolution

We are on the precipice of a major breakthrough in efficient heat distributing window frame technology. I know that not everyone cares about green technology and windows the same way I do but they should. My team of scientists are about to launch the world’s biggest campaign to get people to use more heat efficient window replacement, Melbourne is starting to understand the importance of green technology.

We’re trying to get at least 70% of the population to use more efficient technology. The plan might not work, we might be laughed out throughout the rest of history, but I’m willing to take that chance. If it does work, we will have convinced the world that to save money, to save heating and energy costs, they need to have windows that are sealed properly. The window frame insulation is a marvel of engineering, not enough people understand how impressive they are. I don’t know how many people will take up the cause, but if we can convince a significant number, we can make a difference. I urge you all to tell as many people as you can, so that the whole nation knows what is about to happen.

I will never stop, so long as the world keeps turning, I will never rest until we are doing everything we can to reduce greenhouse emissions. I probably won’t be around to see this new world, if my plan does work it won’t matter. Global warming is everybody’s responsibility. There can be no change without actions from the grassroots. When you factor in the cost of complete window replacement vs the savings to your electricity bill, it’s obvious. If you don’t have better window frames you are wasting your money and hurting the earth.The world does not yet fully understand how easy it is to reduce your heating bill with better timber window replacements, Melbourne residents need to wake up and make a change. The technology is ready to be in their homes as soon as they like, when they buy it. I am trying to change to world, and to do that I need to shake things up.  Everyone needs to try just that little bit harder, apathy will be the end of us all.