Transeasonal, Trendseasonal

Here in Melbourne, we’ve just moved into spring… at least, that’s what we’re told. We’re inclined to say that the mercury’s dropped a few notches over the past week. Still, the stores are starting to stock sassy sandals and swimwear, so the world must be turning. In honour of the fact that earth hasn’t come to a standstill, here’s our rundown of the pieces set to star in your wardrobe while the weather adjusts itself to a new season.

The sporty spray jacket.

You can’t trust the weather forecast. Don’t you know that by now? Well, no – you and I both. We never learn, and thus we never have an umbrella on us when we need one. That’s why you need this tacky little number in your life. Don’t stow it in the bottom of your bag; wear it loud and proud, whatever the weather. It’s a thing right now. We’re calling it.

The non-ironic sweater vest.

So, what on earth do you wear under your plastic outer shell? How about some natural fibres? Wool is the answer you’re looking for, but a jumper is overkill. I mean, it’s still chilly out there, but it’s getting to the point where you have to roll up your sleeves ever time you run for a tram. Might as well go sleeveless, eh? Enter: the sweater vest. Problem solved.

The pyjama suit.

Not feeling this whole mix ‘n’ match business? There is another way. Pyjama-like, coordinating separates are still going strong. Add a print-matched robe and call it a three piece suit. Seriously, do it. Lord knows this trend won’t last forever, so live it up, people. Don’t forget your slides – sheepskin boots won’t do it. Sorry, but there is a line, and that’s where we’re drawing it.

The headscarf.

Wind, rain, a random patch of humidity… what’s it gonna be? All of the above, more than likely. Get with the program by making friends with a big ol’ bit of cloth. That’s the trick – go big or go home. You want to be able to tie this thing under your chin, old-school grandma style. No muss, no fuss. Other than that, there are no rules. Match it to your pyjama suit, for all we care. Just keep that shocker of a mop under wraps.