More Than a Match For Winter

As the immortal Jed Snark once said: “I think winter is just around the corner, so let’s all get ready for it.”

Well, winter isn’t so much ‘coming’ as it is here, right now, and oh boy it’s cold. Like, record-breaking cold. Sarongs and sunhats are a distant memory, a phantom that gently drifts by outside the office window as you gaze out at the lashing rain in despair.

Well, you can stop THAT, because winter is a time for some truly gorgeous fashion. Seize the day, we say, and no matter where you are, you can synchonize outfits with the weather*.

(*well, THIS is awkward. One of you is going to have to change)


Ugh, office heater poltics. Who needs them? And who needs to be sitting at your desk all day in a thick coat?

No, you need to layer up, and look good while doing it. For the guys, a knitted jumper over a button-up shirt is THE answer, and the happy-medium. Ladies, you have an incredible power…and that power is to wear boots and a cardigan. The look is immortal, and more importantly you don’t look overdressed.


Whether you’re commuting, shopping or walking the pooch, winter makes the whole world your runway. In case you hadn’t heard, polar fleeces are WAY out, and quilted jackets are totally in.

If you have to wear a scarf, keep it thin and lightly patterned. This is Melbourne, mon ami, not Siberia. You’ll look even more fab when you’re not wrapped up in thicker layers than an astronaut.


I know, right…sling on a jumper with some slippers and you’re done? Not if you’re planning on answering the door, or having the curtains open for a hot second.

Keep the slippers to ankle length and invest in some trakkies that FIT if you want to straddle that perfect line between style and relaxation. Your upper self cries out for a knitted cardigan to keep the chills away. There, boom, done. You can greet unexpected guests and look like you stepped out of a winterwear catalogue, while staying comfy-cozy.