Conveyancing and Settlement

I do like robots. Who doesn’t like robots? One day they’re going to replace us, and the sooner we accept that, the sooner we can start to churn them out by the factory-load. We’ll have a good ten-to-fifteen years of them being our servants where everything will be rosy, and after that we have a choice: submit to their rule, extending the golden age at the cost of our personal freedoms, or get involved in a nasty, messy battle which will inevitably be won by synthetics anyway. All those silly movies that show humans triumphing with the power of the human spirit…practically comedies!

Human society is almost made for robots anyway, so we’re just warming the seat cushion. You know, we have an entire profession dedicated to conveyancing. People do conveyancing and settlement for a job. Have you ever thought about that? Not that I’m throwing shade on them, because I certainly wouldn’t be able to understand conveyancing. You need to do courses, and even then the conveyancing offices probably hire newcomers and expect them to learn on the job for a number of years. All this is so that your paperwork can be in order, thus allowing you to move into a home. It all sounds very complicated, is what I’m saying, which means the robots will think so as well. Why can’t we just pick a house that no one is living in, hand over a bag of gold and move in? Because things just don’t work like that. You need to go and see a dedicated conveyancer, who can help you out with all your home transfer needs. Good for them, but robots will have no need of conveyancing solicitors. Or rather, they’ll just install conveyancing software and all have the expertise. I guess you could go to a conveyancing office in Carlton or something, but it’ll be a niche interest.

Although…there’s a 10% chance that humans and synthetics will merge, in which case professions like accounting and conveyancing will be converted into organic software. So everyone will be a conveyancer. They will convey themselves. It will be the new way.