Support Work Worries

My son is clever and bright and his laughter is infectious. My son is also in a wheelchair. All of these things co-exist at once. 

While many parents who do not have a child with a disability might not understand the obstacles we face, I only have my worries like every parent does. But this week I have faced a unique challenge.

This week I have begun the process of finding the right disability support worker for Sam. 

A lot of the reason behind this decision is to help my son with his everyday routine. He requires assistance with some chores like cooking, shopping, toileting and cleaning, which I can not always be there for as I transition into working full-time again. I was hesitant to seek respite care at first. I worried it meant I wasn’t doing enough as a parent. I worried it was the wrong decision.

Luckily I have been able to find an incredible community as I have navigated this world of support coordination in Adelaide. Meeting parents who are on the same path as me has helped me realise that my son and I are not alone. I know this is the best decision for my family. Having a community has made all of the difference in helping me remember to pause, breathe and appreciate the wonderful journey we are about to embark on.

As I begin the process of finding the right NDIS support worker for my child, I no longer feel guilty. Sam is incredibly creative, and he loves going to art classes and galleries. Activities that I have sometimes had to say no to as I’ve rushed around, trying to manage everything at once. I know it will be the right decision for Sam to have someone to accompany him on his daily routines or social activities when I can’t. 

My son is amazing, my son is in a wheelchair and my son is about to be paired with his first disability support worker. It started a whole mess of worries for me at first. But, like any parent, I’ve pushed through it. I guess, what I want you all to know is: it’s okay to get help with that push sometimes, too.