Transformative software

I am a transformer. Now when I say I am a transformer I am not referring to the car sense, or the film series, or like I am some bionic human. What I mean is that I transform businesses, trade businesses in particular. I used to be a construction worker but as my years went on I realised that I really enjoy managing teams and helping staff become more efficient. While working in construction I identified a lot of areas for improvement within the trade industry. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in getting good at the technical side of being a trade that workers tend not to notice the other important things. I’m talking about things such as invoicing correctly, keeping your files organised, planning jobs according to travel so you’re not travelling back and forth across the city, appropriately sorting your clients. Basically, it’s all the boring stuff. This is where I come in. I help contractors, small businesses, and large scale trade companies become better at the boring stuff. One of the first things I always do is introduce the best job management software for Melbourne tradesmen. Whenever I try to implement it there are always workers who are sceptical about it. They think it won’t work properly or it will take up more time. After about a month of using it, they really do start to see the benefits. 

I first discovered this software myself when I was a construction worker. I used to work a lot as a contractor for commercial properties. Basically, shops or businesses would hire me to renovate. At times it would get extremely difficult to stay on top of jobs and properly plan out my week. That’s when my electrician friend told me about an electrical service scheduling software he had been using. It honestly changed my life. Whenever I am hired to help trade businesses sort out their admin, I always recommend this app. It’s done wonders to help these tradies with their organisation and staying on top of their work.