Laundry Renovations Revelations

The Turner family’s renovation journey had reached its final chapter with the laundry room. As they embarked on this last phase, they expected a routine makeover. However, the historic Melbourne house had one more ghostly tale to unveil, this time centred around the laundry room, which turned out to be a hub of intense paranormal …

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A Bathroom Visitor

A sharp knocking on the bathroom door almost made me drop my magazine into the toilet. ‘Occupied!’ I grunted, annoyed. They hammered on the door again, making it shake in its housing. Muttering to myself about the peace and quiet a man could expect in his own home, I got up, cinching my trousers back …

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Angry Neighbour

Mum says I need to write a letter to our next-door neighbour. What am I supposed to say, though? Maybe something like this: Dear guy, I’m very sorry about kicking that ball through your window and somehow destroying your kitchen. In my defence, it’s pretty weird to have everything made out of glass. Maybe you …

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