Dissenters Must Cease

MAJOR waves at the meeting tonight. I fear we may stand on the precipice of something truly terrible, even worse than the time that Sister Lana pointed out that we’ll need special glass to shield us from the solar radiation on the lunar surface, and we don’t have any. She was swiftly excommunicated, of course, but this time the dissent is coming from multiple members and I’m not sure we’ll be able to fight this rising tide.

Brother Ian came back from doing his research on Melbourne’s portable hyperbaric chambers, and he gave us his honest opinion on whether we can build our lunar kingdom by bringing a few of them with us, stepping inside to fill up on oxygen, holding our breath while we do some construction work and then stepping back inside when we need to breathe again. And also, we’d sleep inside them on the moon’s surface. It’d be a bit cramped, but we’d try to have the domes up as soon as possible, and then start growing some trees after that as well as planting the ones we brought with us.

Turns out that no…you can’t do that. Hyperbaric chambers are designed for use in Earth’s atmosphere only, and they’re not quite so air-tight that they can keep a person alive on a lunar surface. They might come in handy if we have anyone with asthma, but otherwise, we’re going to need actual space suits.

This began an argument over whether we can LIVE in space suits for that long, someone interjected and said that oxygen is still finite and we can’t survive by wearing a space suit with a small plant nestling inside the helmet for oxygen, someone else said that hyperbaric chambers are quite large and bulky- even the portable ones- and aren’t good for a compact space rocket, and suddenly everyone has their own complaints about the plans of our glorious leaders.

The shame of it! Clearly, we’re going to have to cut out a LOT of dissenters.