Rain, Go Away

Oh my good gracious, so much rain. So much rain.

I want to find the person who invented the rain, lock them outside in the rain, and they they’ll know how miserable they make everyone. They’ll be pounding on the windows, demanding to be let in that instant, and I shall simply laugh. How do you like to be stuck out in the rain, huh? I was stuck out in the lashing rain for hours at my son’s football tournament, and I did say tournament. It’s not just one game; he kept winning, and so I kept getting more drenched to the bone.

This, my friends, is why I got gas heating. Every year I make sure that my heating system is well cared for before winter. I have made a habit of scheduling the best gas heating service Melbourne has to offer. It wasn’t, like, free to have it installed, especially since I went with a good company who’d get the job done well instead of choosing some cheap place to install my heating on the cheap. You do NOT skimp out where either gas or heating are involved. Skimping on a combination of the two is asking for trouble.

We got back from the game and I had the longest hot shower ever, just standing there motionless and shivering. Eventually I made myself get out, and then I was just shivering and miserable until I’d sat next to the heating vent for an hour or so. It’s amazing how rain can just soak you to the bone, even after you feel as drenched as you’re going to get. Supposedly. It’s two days later and I STILL feel cold. And that’s why you get really good gas heating, because I can’t fathom the thought of coming home without it. I’d probably just curl up in a blanket and waste away.

Do kinda want to look into ducted heating. Providers in Melbourne are catching up with the latest tech, and you can do all sorts. Set the heating to come on when it detects rain and cold outside? Yes…yes please.