First Home Within Sight

I look forward to blazing the trail for cat people everywhere. Personally, I’m sick and tired and I’ve had it up to here with all the abuse we get in the media. We’re often stereotyped as completely nuts, only loving our cats, living in squalor and generally not contributing anything of value to society. Well, for starters, why would we let our cats live in squalor when we love them so much? Ha, checkmate! Stereotype busted forever! And as for not contributing anything…well, where do you think all those decorative kitty plates are coming from? You think a robot paints them? Not so!

As for nuts…well, we’re NUTS about cats, obviously! Anyway, my trail-blazing idea is a mansion, separated into several apartments with communal spaces, and all for cat lovers. Yep, I’m already in discussions with some of the conveyancers down in Melbourne, because the sea air is good for the lungs of all species. They’ve said that I’ll need two things: an available mansion and loads of money. Like, LOADS of money. But, with their conveyancing knowledge, they’ve also stated that if someone were the sole owner, they could very much make this happen.

Apartments could be created, leased out to tenants and the cat limit would be up to the landlord, as would the governing of the communal spaces. In fact, all I’d have to do is draft up a manifesto that lays down the law and makes it clear for everyone, and we could be moving in within the year!

Fellow friends of furry felines, now is our time to unite. On our side, we have professionals and the law. All we need…is YOU. Stand up for your right to be taken seriously, and you could have a stake in our new glorious cat-governed society. It’s best to speak to your local expert on conveyancing, Melbourne to Caulfield, Carnegie to Clifton hill. Also, donate! Donate loads of money, and I mean loads, because otherwise this thing isn’t even getting off the ground.