Fourth Wheeling

This morning I woke up and got ready for the day ahead. It was going to be a big one, as I had an appointment at the local mechanic, followed by a big date at my favourite restaurant. I put on my best jeans, hopped into my four-wheel drive and began my adventure of the day.

It can be hard to find the best 4wd mechanic, especially when you’re as precious about your vehicle as I am. I’ve had this beast for almost a decade now, and I’ve got no plans to replace it. I know that eventually, I won’t have a choice, but I’ll keep driving this one for as long as possible.

I spent a long time switching between mechanics, looking for the right service for me. Eventually I found some great auto service near Moorabbin, and I’ve been going there ever since. That’s where I took my car today, and I was out in no time. I still had a few hours before my date at Hungry Hungry Jake’s, so I went for a long drive through the hills. I like to clear my head sometimes, and I find that’s the perfect way.

When I eventually got to the restaurant, I was shocked to find that my date was already there, even though I was an hour early. She looked surprised to see me too. There were two other people sitting with her, and they were holding hands, eating food together. My date looked somewhat lonely, and I realised that she’d been brought there early to act as a third wheel. 

The other couple didn’t leave, even as our date was supposed to start. So I sat with my date the whole time, feeling awkward because the other couple seemed so obsessed with each other. They hardly looked at us. It was the strangest date I’ve ever been on, and I felt like I had also become the third wheel by the end of it. So, I guess I was actually the fourth wheel.