Keeping my cool

I don’t really care for the cold much. I was born in a sunny little town in Naples and grew up on the beach with the rays constantly beating my skin. Heat is in my genes. When I got the call up from work I knew relocation would be essential. I submitted my request for a hot location. Anywhere without winter is how I phrased it. I found out today I am being sent to Adelaide, Australia. I immediately opened my weather app and browsed the yearly averages. My request had been denied, winter here I come. After exploring the monthly temperatures my next port of call was some heating research. I phoned the apartment which I had been assigned by my offices real estate liaison and inquired as to the heating system. Luckily my new pad was kitted out with state of the art air conditioning. Repairs are something I haven’t had to worry about yet thanks to regular servicing.  It may not be the end of my warm days after all! Having spent my entire life so far in the sunshine state I do not have much experience with heating systems, apart from that natural UV of course.

I figured out the basics between split systems and electric, ducted and conventional heating and so on. It would appear that the system in the new place has been recently serviced and is ready to keep me up to cooling standards during Melbourne’s impending Summer. I looked up Melbourne based air con servicing just in case I needed the number handy. They had never seen a heat-phobic quite like me before, luckily there was a highly recommended technician call out service near my block. With all the cooling woes comforted I was starting to get excited. A whole new era of opportunity awaits me and I felt at ease knowing that it would not be an era characterised by shivering. Just to be on the safe side I invested in a small solar powered cooling unit. You know the old saying, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.