Friendship is the Greatest Power, Besides Solar

Maybe the real renewable energy was the friendships they made along the way.

That’s it, I’ve solved the plot of Great Wrestler-King Solar! This is probably the very first wrestling anime I’ve ever seen through to the end, and I’m glad I did, because the final episode was both touching AND fulfilling. Too many shows try to either screw your mind with an ending that comes out of the blue and is totally unexpected, or they run out of budget and the conflict has to be wrapped up in the last two minutes. Not so, here!

And I enjoyed the message, as well. They took the idea of commercial solar systems and made it so simple that a child could understand, and yet there was a deep emotional message that adults like me could grasp and learn from. Sure, the planet NEEDS solar energy. That’s something we all know already. We must get used to the idea that solar panels are going to be everywhere, and this show presents us with a future where that’s already the case. Also, wrestling is now the only competitive sport in the world, and competitors can use any method or weapon up to and including magical powers and giant robots.

But it goes deeper than that. For you see, renewable energy starts at the small stuff, like the LED lighting we use every day. Solar Dude’s rival was almost disqualified because he was using a non-renewable source of energy in his giant robot, and there was a touching moment of true friendship where they put aside their differences and planned to get some professional commercial LED lighting, together. Of course, Solar Dude’s Panel-Beater Punch Barrage (it draws energy from the sun, and his solar panel suit) still won him the day, but friendship. The greatest energy source of all. Well, maybe it’s efficient solar energy, but the power of friendship is a close second.