From Turmoil to Tranquility

Man, this glass is amazing. Such a simple and elegant solution.

This whole place was in turmoil, and when I say turmoil, I mean TURMOIL. Just, turmoil, all over the dang place. Turmoil in the meetings, turmoil at the water cooler, turmoil when passing someone in the corridor. It was a city of Turmoil, with no ruler.

That word has suddenly lost all meaning.

So anyway, loads of strife, and disquiet. And then we came in one Monday morning and everyone’s cubicle walls had been replaced with decorative glass. Apparently the boss got onto some company in Melbourne that installs decorative window film, which is a strange concept to me because he doesn’t see like a guy who’s too in touch his emotions, if you know what I mean. I mean that he’s not very emotional. He thought he could get us to sort out all our problems by smiling at each other, for real. A whole day of walking around with massive grins, except it looked more like we were about to pounce and start chewing on each other like cannibals.

But this decorative glass…well, it was hokey at first. All tropical themed, little bananas and coconuts and palm trees coating the walls, so that every time you turned away from you computer it was all you saw. But eventually? I started to enjoy it. You got past the bright colours, and you started to appreciate…well, the bright colours. Now I can’t spin around in my chair without smiling for real and thinking about fancy drink with little umbrellas and working on my tan while the palm trees sway gently in the sea breeze.

Say…do you think these people who do commercial decorative glass also do homes? I’d love to wake up to coconuts and palm trees every single day. And while I do appreciate how everyone is now a lot happier in the office, making every wall banana yellow is perhaps something I’d correct if I was getting it done myself.