A Good Time Battling the Elements

So apparently I’m the only person who likes to sail in the rain. Sailing makes me feel alive in general, but sailing in the rain?? That’s like feeling alive, twice. it’s like living two lives simultaneously. The powerful winds, and the lashing rain, all just to remind you that you’re alive…and hey, being alive isn’t all fun. Sometimes it’s unpleasant, but that’s just life.

At least sailing in the rain almost always means you’re the only person out there. Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are using the old style of outboard motor that doesn’t actually perform all that well in heavy rain, which is why I went and got myself some premium outboard motor services. Melbourne marine mechanics are pretty good for that sort of thing, along with weather-proofing everything about your boat. One time I snapped my anchor winch clean off after I ran into a rock formation in a storm, so I had to get another one fitted. Obviously I went for the reinforced option, and now basically everything on my boat is reinforced.

I just love extreme weather. Life is boring with mild temperatures and still waters. I like going out when there’s a tempest or a thunderstorm, because we all have to go sometime, and getting hit by lightning is one of the best ways I can think of. So obviously my boat has to be just as well-equipped as I am. Some people invest in all sorts of things for a more comfortable ride, but I’m mostly just into making it so it doesn’t get diced into firewood when we run around. Sometimes it happens. But I have my outboard motor repair people near Melbourne who can help me out, after which I’m back onto the high seas. Preferably in the rain. Haven’t sailed in the snow yet, but it’s definitely on my bucket list.