I Hate Fishing

Fishing… it seems to be the pastime of choice for hundreds of thousands of Australians. From fishing in the crystal clear waters of Broome to freezing in the rough waters of Melbourne, people everywhere swear by fishing. I don’t get it!

Fishing is boring, cold and wet. You could go fishing for six hours only to not catch a single fish and go home with frostbite. I wish my mum wasn’t so obsessed with it and that she wouldn’t force me to go fishing every month with her like clockwork. I mean, who cares if you can get the best installation of snapper racks in Melbourne? Mum has been going on and on about how the snapper racks here are so much better than anywhere else in the country. It’s like she’s proud to be a Melbournian simply because of snapper rack installation. It’s weird. 

When she was getting her new snapper racks installed, she ended up getting all these different parts of her boat upgraded too. She was like a kid in a candy store. She couldn’t stop herself and even got a boat catch installation even though she didn’t need one. I’ll admit, I was happy seeing her so happy. She rarely treats herself to things she wants and she deserves to. However, it means that I’m going to have to go on even more fishing trips than normal in the next few months. That’s something that I’m certainly not happy about. 

I wish my mum had two children so that we could’ve shared the fishing load. Perhaps her other child would have actually liked fishing and I would have been off the hook completely. Pun intended. Oh well though, it is what it is. I’m lucky that my mum loves me enough to want to share these things with me. 

Maybe I’ll ask one of her friends if they want to go with her a couple of times next month, so that I don’t have to spend every weekend out in the freezing cold.