Keeping My Promise To The Children

Here’s how the story goes. Saturday afternoon, a dull throb starts pulsing throughout my face, radiating from my jaw and the tooth that sometimes feels non-compliant. Terrible timing considering I had planned to take the family to the local children’s play centre.

The remainder of the day is blocked out by a hazy cloud. By Monday morning, I was ready to break down the dentists’ waiting room door and remove the molar myself. I was sure at least four teeth needed to come out immediately. “Why didn’t you go to the hospital Andrea? You’ve been in such terrible pain, they’d definitely have seen you.” The thing is, I had a bad hospital experience and couldn’t just casually go back, unless I was forced to. Thankfully, the dentist didn’t press me any further on that one. “You need a root canal. I can do it now.”

“Just pull it out! I have to take my kids the indoor play centre,” I cried pathetically. She laughed at me and let me know that if she pulled the tooth, it would affect the rest of my teeth and they might migrate accordingly. Although I was reluctant on a number of levels that deeply affected my inner peace, I made the decision to go ahead with the root canal. An hour later, with my back right molar root filled and cleaned into submission, I’d almost forgotten how much pain I’d been in. I raced home to pick up the kids, who were waiting with their dad. Irrespective of my sensitive teeth, I still ended up at the most delightful kids party venue Parramatta resident tend to rave about.

“Lets go, “ I announced my plan to get the kids to burn off all the energy they’d stored as they were unable to go anywhere on the weekend while i cowered in pain. We headed straight for the local indoor playland. I have no idea where the last two hours just went, but my kids just had such a great time at the indoor play centre. Parramatta has such wonderful attractions for young families, I had no idea it was such a great suburb. I almost forgot about the fact I just had a root canal done!