Moving Out

I am so happy. I can’t believe it. We got a house! We’re moving out! We’ve just had verbal confirmation from the landlord and we’re getting the paperwork tomorrow. I’m actually in shock. I haven’t even inspected the house, I’m just trusting the word of my housemates that it’s a good place in a good area.

It’s all happened so fast. We only applied for our first place on Saturday and just applied for this place today! Less than three hours later and we’ve been approved for a place. It’s such a whirlwind. There’s so much I have to organise. I have to pack up my entire room and buy all this furniture because I don’t have any. There’s so much that needs to be organised. I know I just said that but it’s true! I’m actually overwhelmed. Ahhh! I even have random excitement about having to be responsible and organise things, like our annual ducted heating service. In the Canberra area, it’s so important to always get your heater serviced before you move into a new house. That’s because it gets so cold here. Imagine how cranky my housemates and I would be if we were cold all the time. There’s probably going to be drama living with four girls on a regular basis, which means we want to try and minimise any possibilities of drama wherever we can. How do we minimise that drama? I hear you ask. We hire the best heating repairs company in Canberra – that’s how. I’m about to have some unexpected free time and so I’ve said to the girls that I’ll organise all these logistical things, such as utilities and whatnot. It’s boring stuff but it’s going to benefit us so much in the long run. 

I seriously can’t explain to you how excited I am to move in with my friends. It feels like my life is finally about to begin.