Red Water Bathtub

In the heart of Sydney, Australia, nestled among the vibrant cityscape, resides a peculiar family of supernatural beings. One evening, the head of the household, Mandor, found himself longing for a bathtub that could be filled with a special red juice – a luxury that would cater to his unique tastes. After consulting with his roommates, Lizlo and Nadya, they agreed to find the best bathtub specialists in town. 

The motley trio disguised themselves as mere mortals and ventured out into the city, searching for someone who could not only design the perfect bathtub but also install a discrete system for the mysterious red juice. They searched long and hard through the night, seeking a specialist to modify a bathtub. Sydney turned out to have a small, family-owned business known as “Splish Splash Designs.” The skilled professionals at the shop listened intently to Mandor’s request, though they couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at the idea of a “special red juice” bathtub. Nonetheless, they agreed to help, despite the fact that they usually specialised in easy-step bathtub conversion.

Meanwhile, their loyal familiar, Gizmo, was tasked with finding a supplier for the red juice. Although he was desperate to become a supernatural being like his masters, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to prove his worth and contribute to the project. As the bathtub specialists began their work, Mandor, Lizlo, and Nadya eagerly anticipated the completion of their luxurious new amenity. They spent their days and nights discussing the lavish baths they would take, filled with the soothing and rejuvenating properties of the special red juice.

Finally, the day came when the bathtub was installed, complete with a hidden mechanism for delivering the red juice. The trio couldn’t contain their excitement as they prepared for their first rejuvenating soak. Despite the unconventional nature of their request, the supernatural family’s adventure in Sydney proved that with determination and a little help from professionals, even the most peculiar dreams can come true. The friends enjoyed the bathtub of special red juice for several days, before it was time to return to their home on Staten Island.