My Metal Girlfriend

My girlfriend is so metal. If you’re out of the loop, that means that she is cool. I think. I’m pretty sure that’s what the kids have been saying these days. Of course, what the kids say is always changing so that expression could be horribly outdated by now. Anyway, she’s metal. That’s the point I’m trying to get across. She’s so metal, in fact, that I’m constantly going to different steel suppliers offering business near Melbourne just to keep her happy. If that’s not metal, I don’t know what is. She also loves metal music, although she calls it steel music. I’m not really sure why. In fact, she insists that she is steel, correcting me every time I call her metal. I suppose the other metal thing about her is that she’s obsessed with steel-type Mini Monsters. Every time a new MiniMon game comes out, she puts together an entire team of steel creatures, even if it means I beat her easily in our battles. I wonder where her love of steel comes from.

Just yesterday, I was at one of my favourite steel fabricators located near Melbourne when I got a text from her telling me to make sure I get some steel beams and steel lintels because she really wanted them. I’m not sure why she felt the need to tell me, because that was the whole reason I went to the steel supplier. It’s just really important to her, for some reason. But I guess that’s what I get for dating a robot. Oh, did I not mention that she’s a robot? Yeah, she’s a really metal robot. I do wish sometimes that she was a regular human girlfriend so that we could go on actual dates and stuff. You know, like going to a restaurant. But I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Having a robot girlfriend has its ups and downs, but overall I’d say I’m having a great time in this relationship.