The Solar Mystery

So far, Maphira had experienced about as much luck as somebody who spent their last dollar on a fake lotto ticket. How many businesses and homes had she been to now to talk about the benefit of solar but actually seeking her sister? She’d lost count long ago. All she knew was that it had been days without any success. She couldn’t find a pattern that suggested where Rylee would be going next. It was all pure chaos, which while not unlike her sister, made it impossible to read into. It was doing her head in.

Now she sat alone on a park bench, not sure if she had the will to educate any more people on residential solar systems for Melbourne homes. Many people she spoke to actually seemed interested, so when she wrote down their details with no intention of helping them further, she felt awful. She really did value the benefits of solar power. Solar was the future, after all. 

Maphira tilted her head to the sky, watching the clouds roll by. That constant noise of Robotobia still filled the air, but Maphira supposed she was starting to get used to it. The anxiety that pressed against her chest simply existing in this dystopia had almost become normal.

What was Rylee up to? It seemed like she wasn’t searching for Maphira at all. In which case, was this salesperson from Totally Legit Power even her sister? What if it was someone else? The people she had spoken to often mentioned the previous solar visitor advising that they use an online solar calculator to determine how much they could be saving with solar power. 

Why would Rylee do that? Why direct people to such a website?

Narrowing her eyes, Maphira pulled out her phone and searched for the solar calculator this mysterious solar merchant had been sending people to. There had to be more to this.