Naming Our Daughter

Dang, parents are presistent. Especially Mum. Our daughter still has five months until she’s born, and every day there’s a new, sneaky tactic to get us to tell her the name. We’re not telling. Haven’t we said, we’re not telling? Yes, our daughter has a name, but it’s ours to reveal to whoever we like, and that has been…one person. Jenna told my brother, because I guess she needed to tell SOMEONE.

And of course, the suggestions. Hoo boy, the suggestions! Mum thinks we need to look to the garden for inspiration. She goes on a spree, buying up all the hyacinths online, then sends us a quick message: ‘Have you thought about Hyacinth? Cynth for short’.

Okay first…no. People will think she’s called Cynthia, and I really don’t like that name. I went to school with a girl named Cynthia who was dumb as rocks and got into fights. Also no, hyacinths are really nice but they’re not me or Jenna’s favourite plant. Triple no, I don’t think Hyacinth works as a baby name quite like other plants. I’d be willing to entertain the idea of ‘Rose’, and…well, ‘Daisy’ is a name, if not one we’re considering. Hyacinth is not a baby name. Neither is Tulip, which would apparently be shortened to ‘Tuly’. Also, not a name. Mum just has to accept that we’re not garden people like her. Actually, considering how adamant she is, I’m surprised that I didn’t end up being called…I don’t know. There aren’t really any guy names that are also plants and flowers, unless there are some obscure orchids that I can’t remember.

Anyway, the secret is still safe. We’ll see if it stays that way for long. Currently, our daughter has no flower name, so Mum can accept that as a hint. Can’t wait for the next suggestion after she purchases some daffodil bulbs and has a spark of inspiration.