Ponies and Wallspace

Growing up, I always liked my room to be just how I liked it. This was even true when I was a boarder at my high school, though obviously my home was a bit more decked out. I was all the way up on the third floor, which consisted of just my room, a playroom and a bathroom, so Mum and Dad more or less let me do whatever I wanted to the place. I got into custom wall decals pretty early, and for a while everything was unicorns.

Yes, sadly I was one of THOSE children. I’d spend hours just cutting out pictures of unicorns and sticking them onto the walls, rearranging them so that they were in herds, went off on adventures and generally had wonderful unicorn times. Sometimes magic was involved. So those were my unicorn wall decals for years, and sometimes I felt like they were my only friends. Then I entered the teenage years, and I felt like ponies were getting a bit old. That was where I stepped into the art forum just a little bit, and that was when to ornate butterflies came out to play. I considered having some of my designs printed on some custom wallpaper, but in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t. They weren’t anything special.

Looking at the walls of my ‘playroom’, you’d think an entire pack of small kids had blown in and stuck their drawings all over the place. But no…just me. I spent a lot of time up there, often with only Percival for company. You’d think my art skills would’ve improved, but no!

Still, they were some happy times. When I get my own house, I’d love to coat the walls, leaving nothing bare. Photos of happy times, decals, beautiful paintings, anything I can get my hands on to give the place some colour. No home should ever be left without decoration. Then it just becomes a place you sleep in.

And of course it’s going to be dog-friendly. I have so many plans for this distant future home I should probably just start sketching some designs.