My husband and his chainsaw

DIY is the motto of our household. If you can’t do it yourself then it simply can’t be done. My husband is not a particularly practical man. He intends well and acts constantly for others but he often fails miserably. So when it came to having to re do our yard I wanted to do everything possible to discourage him from doing it himself. We needed our garden massively cleared out and replanted, I’m not just talking replanting a few flowers but I mean full on tree removal and land clearing. Melbourne suburbs are fairly tightly packed and I didn’t want him irritating the neighbours with trees falling into their garden! I urged him to hire professionals, at least for the actual tree removals but he was too busy oiling up his chain saw to listen to me! Next thing I know he has harnessed himself onto a tree and is attempting to bring it down solo and yell timber for our entire neighbourhood to hear.

About 15 minutes into his tree felling adventure I hear a fairly loud scream followed by an even louder thump. He hadn’t quite thought through the whole harness thing and had attached himself to the same branch he had started removing.

Thankfully he wasn’t badly injured but it taught him a valuable lesson.I went inside and called a professional arborist to come and take care of our tree trimming. Melbourne would be free of an impractical chainsaw yielding do-gooder for another day at least. After some tough negotiations we finally agreed that he could re do the fencing himself as long as he agreed to leave all heavy machinery operations to professionals. With a bandaid on his head and an ice pack on his neck he trudged back out there and began digging around the fence. His perseverance is extremely admirable even if his practical output is lacking.