Raining Shower Screens

Well, there goes the shower screen, along with my relaxing bath. It’s been hanging off its hinges for months, and it finally gave way just now, hitting the corner of the bath on the way down and cracking – fortunately, not into a million pieces. Good times!

A lot of the fittings in this house are so old that, by rights, they shouldn’t even be holding up. The bathroom mirror is in serious need of an update, no question. Maybe I should just renovate the whole bathroom? No, I don’t need to go that far – I’d rather get the glass replaced fast than go for weeks without a bathroom. Full-on renovating can wait.

Who’s your go-to company for residential glazing services, Melbourne? I’ve never had to hire one before – which is possibly why every glass fitting in the house is hanging in place by a shoestring. The kitchen splashback is another example; it features a large crack that looks like a previous resident might have tossed a heavy frying pan into it after burning some haloumi (just guessing). I find it vaguely charming, but still – it’s time for that to go. 

Don’t even get me started on the outside of the house. That’s undeniably seen better days. Most of the fittings are rusted old metal. Now that I’m going to be consulting with a glazier, it might be worth looking into what it would take to replace some of them with glass panels. I want to open up these outdoor spaces, not fence them off. For example, some semi-frameless panels around the balcony would look so much better than this clunky steel. I wonder how much it would cost to install glass stair balustrades, while I’m at it.

This could be fun, actually. I don’t even know why I’ve left it so long to get started. I suppose I always default to the making do with what I’ve got, which I see as a good habit, up to a point. That ‘point’ is something like your shower screen crashing down on you while you’re trying to chill out in the bath.