The Gum Tree is Gone, Great Present

Personally, I think tree removal was a great present for Mother’s Day. My Mum has always been complaining about that gum tree at the bottom of the garden, plus she’s so busy with work and everything that she has no time to do any serious gardening. It’s hard for her, being alone in that big house with a big garden, all the kids moved away, so I thought I was doing something nice.

Well…never mind that. Mum posted a picture online of the tree removal that took place, along with a caption describing how happy she was. And you know, all these other mums she’s friends with on Visage-Tome started telling her that it was a weird present, and that it’s not appropriate for Mother’s Day, and that I should’ve just taken her out to brunch instead like a normal son.

Well, EXCUSE ME. I think tree trimming places available in Melbourne would back me up on this one, because I maintain that anything that makes Mum happy is a good present. Yes, it’s unorthodox, and it’s probably the first time ever that someone has done something like this for Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t make it any less special. I’ve already told Mum that she doesn’t need to take on every single snippy little comment; if someone doesn’t understand my gift, then they don’t need to be engaged with.

Maybe she needs to post some before and after pictures of the garden. People on the internet LOVE before and after pictures. If only they could see how neat and lovely the place looks now, with all the trees trimmed and the gum tree finally gone, they’d see. Dad always used to love the garden as well, so there’s an added layer of sentimentality that people just don’t understand.

Well, we’re all in agreement: tree removal was a great present. It was a nice surprise, and I now have the numbers of some very efficient Melbourne based arborists for if I need their services again. Probably not for a birthday, though. I don’t want to be known as ‘the guy who only gives tree removal as a gift’.