Small Space, Easy Breathing, Yes Please

I just saw a movie about three young people stuck in a cable car for six days, and I honestly think it was meant to be a stealth comedy. First they argue over who gets the water, and then they argue over who gets the last chips they brought with them, and then they argue over who got them into that situation in the first place. Every scene…arguing. Good grief, by the time it got to the REALLY intense argument where the girl wanted to eat her boyfriend’s arm and he didn’t want her to, it just felt stupid.

I’d do pretty well in that situation, probably because I have the exact opposite of claustrophobia. Give me tight spaces any day; I thrive on them. I went to a medical expo the other day and they had a display of oxygen therapy providers near Melbourne. Those chambers come in all shapes and sizes- some of them the really professional style with glass and tubes and everything- but the one I really wanted to se was the portable oxygen chamber. They’re a little bit smaller, and most of them aren’t totally transparent. Not only do they help you to breathe, but they also give you a bit of quiet time in the dark. Perfect for a nap, or if you need somewhere to clear your head and think about your life choices.

My friend thought I was nuts, but that’s Jamilia…she actually DOES have claustrophobia. Last week at uni were were taught how to use the MRI machines and she pretended she was sick and couldn’t come. Whereas I was in there like a shot.

I don’t know…I’m thinking I could really do with a portable oxygen chamber. For sale across Melbourne, if the expo is to be believed, and I want the smallest one possible. The only other thing that comes close is lying in bed with the covers over your head, and the air flow in that arrangement is absolutely terrible.