Tracing Paper, and Also Rats

If there was one thing I hate irrationally, it’s tracing paper. When you think about it, tracing paper has no real reason to exist. If you ever need to trace anything, then it instantly turns into plagiarism, thus making tracing paper one of the greatest tools of pure criminality since the lock-pick. No, don’t even try to tell me that they can be used for legitimate purposes. You can use a machete for the legitimate purpose of poking holes in a package of chicken breasts, but that’s not what it’s MEANT to be used for.

After that, I suppose it’d be rats. Just…rats, as a collective. Can’t stand them. In fact, I went out to a restaurant the other day and before I went, I looked up the number of a pest control professionals. Sorrento has a few, and I made sure I even looked up the reviews and every single scrap of information, because I find the sight of rats triggering. If I go to a restaurant and see a rat, you better believe that I’ll be on the phone as quickly as I can get it out of my pocket, and that place isn’t opening again unless they can prove that all rats are gone and they’re never getting any more. For real; I don’t care if they just evicted them or turned them into soup. I’d never be visiting again, regardless, even if they were visited by pest controllers on a weekly basis.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure why I never looked up local pest controllers for my own use, because I’d find a rat in my own home just as triggering. My place is very tidy and clean, but still…rats are unpredictable creatures. Suppose I really need to look up a reliable pest control company near Sorrento, so that I’m always prepared.

I’ve stockpiled an entire cupboard of various chemicals, but there’s nothing quite like having the professionals on-call.