The best repair

Guys, I am taking to my blog just to say how over the moon I am with my latest car repair. I feel people are always very quick to scream and shout when something bad happens or you’re displeased with the work someone does, but people rarely ever sing praise when it’s needed. As part of my new year’s resolution, I have decided to make an active commitment to giving people compliments and praise where needed. I think it will not only help create positivity within myself, but it will also help brighten another person’s day. For example, the mechanic in the Lockleys area was probably one of the best mechanics I ever had to deal with. He was extremely honest the whole way through the process. I’m a female who works in a retail fashion store, so I know absolutely nothing about cars. He could have tried to take advantage of this and swindle me into thinking that there were multiple expensive issues with my car. Instead, he gave me an itemised breakdown of all the necessary repairs and itemised how much things would cost. He even invited me in to run through all the current issues with the car so I could see them with my own eyes and hear them with my own ears.

The entire way through our transaction together I was made to feel like a valued customer and not like just another number that they need to get out of the workshop. He also had great conversational skills and spoke to me with a polite demeanour the whole way through. The brake pad replacement was something I didn’t even realise that I needed, but the mechanic thoroughly explained why it needed to be done and the consequences if I did not go through with this replacement. Apparently, when it comes to cars, it’s not always good to leave things to get worse as then the repairs can become even more costly. I really appreciated how open and honest this mechanic was.