The engine light


My son is so irresponsible sometimes, I swear! Does anyone else find this with teenagers? They’re always all well and good to act all mature but as soon as they actually need to use the mature part of their brain, the whole persona crumbles. My son recently bought himself his first car. I had given him a nice car last year but he decided to sell it and buy a super-expensive luxury car that he definitely cannot afford to pay for. That’s not to mention how careless he can be when he drives it. The other day he was too groggy and left his car somewhere in the city overnight so he asked me to collect it. This annoyed me quite a bit as I felt it was just a total disregard for my day and what I may have had planned. Luckily I wasn’t too busy that particular morning so I was able to catch the train and pick his car up. You guys would not believe the parking condition his car was in. It amazed me the utter disregard he had for this car. He didn’t even park it straight! Anyone could have clipped it. When I got in the car it just smelled like cigarettes and there were take away bags sprawled all across the floor. Upon turning the car on I also noticed his check engine light was on. I asked him if he had noticed this or was planning to take his car in for an engine diagnostics check, he told me he thought the light was a decoration. I couldn’t believe it.

Sometimes I believe that people like my son shouldn’t be allowed to have such nice things simply because they hold no value in anything. I can’t confiscate his car from him though as he paid for it. I let three weeks go by and he still wasn’t taking the car in for a check. I’ve decided to do it myself and take the car to an affordable mechanic near Queanbeyan. I won’t pay for the repairs, however. That’s his responsibility.