Transparent, Yet Strong…

You’d think the flying machines and driving machines and washing machines would have been the hardest things to come to terms with after I was booted through the portal of shameful banishment and into this strange place, full of harnessed lightning and glowing boxes that display pictures of cats.

However, it’s the windows. Just…how do they FUNCTION? Without magic, how does one create a solid sheet of material that is entirely transparent, that can withstand all kinds of weather, and even maintain the inside temperature? I’m not convinced this is a non-magical realm, I’m really not.

Maybe all the companies in Melbourne that do window replacement and repairs are actually, secretly, wizards like me. I’ve thought about breaking a window, summoning them here to fix it and simply observing. Though if window replacement professionals here are so very well-accepted and treated as commonplace, then they surely wouldn’t weave spells in front of me. No, the enchantments would be laid before they come to the customer’s homes.

See, my realm has only wooden shutters. There are methods of weaving protective spells to shield one from snow and rain, but that’s a specific branch of magic, one not well-studied after ‘Weldon the Wacky’ crafted a magical bubble so very tight that she couldn’t undo it, and she ran out of oxygen. That was the source of the saying taught to us on the first day of magic school: “Don’t be a Weldon.” That is, don’t dabble in things you don’t understand.

I suppose these windows COULD have been created with science, like the glowing boxes and the conditioning of the air. Sash window replacement companies may be normal humans, skilled at replacing windows, but otherwise lacking arcane qualities. But I cannot yet be sure. And there are windows all over my apartment. I’d rather not be a like Weldon…you NEVER go full Weldon.