Renewable Energy Must

Obviously, protecting the planet isn’t something that makes me very happy. The main reason I’m in here is because I invented a device that would’ve blocked out the sun, forever, and my only mistake was having an assistant who got cold feet and told the authorities. Unfortunately, that DOES make me one of the greatest solar power experts in the world, if not the greatest, so…here I am. Slaving away trying to make commercial energy storage better and more efficient, because here is better than a cell. Just about. I appreciate being able to get coffee any time I like, and not being confined to a tiny space is probably what’s keeping me from making another device just to stretch my legs. I’ve seen the light. 

LED lighting, then. The rest of the numbskulls in here have other specialities, all of which are totally pointless, of course. If it’s not heavy and advanced electronics, like commercial solar development and industrial lighting, then what’s the point? Advanced electronics are the future of the human race. We have to start planning for the future. We’re all going to be absorbed and assimilated by the machines at some point, after which I’ll become the Overlord of the pacific. Also, Australia is going to be covered in solar panels, which would generate enough energy to take us outside the solar system, ironically. People underestimate solar power today…but in the world of tomorrow, it’ll be a total powerhouse. I intend to be at the forefront of that revolution. And I pinkie swear that I don’t want to block out the sun. No take backs. It was just a phase. Now I’m ALL about the development of commercial battery storage. Here in Melbourne. The city I love.

…that one time I tried to destroy it was a childish mistake from a wayward time. I’ve changed, you can trust me now.