Bathroom renovation progress






Some of you may or may not be familiar with my sister’s situation. To put a long story short, she was dealing with a lot of anxiety following a lot of changes in her life. She had started a new job, had broken up with her boyfriend, started a new gym routine, and had adopted a dog. She expressed that he had been feeling a lot of pressure and anxiety to keep on top of everything. My mum suggested that my sister move into our grandmother’s house to minimise the final pressures she’s also been facing as of late. This seemed like a great idea on paper, until we went to the house and discovered what awful condition it was in. 

The bathroom was falling apart so we had to get the best bathroom designers Melbourne has ever seen to take on this job. It was a huge process. The entire bathroom had to be ripped out. Now we’re further along in the journey of renovating the bathroom, things are definitely becoming a bit more enjoyable. We’re in the process of picking out all the fittings and the overall aesthetic. While my sister and I thought this would be stressful, it has actually turned out to be quite fun and creative. We’ve designed to go for a vintage antiquity look with a modern twist. As the house is old, we figured it would look a bit out of place to have a bathroom that looked too modern. I think we’ve definitely gone with the perfect balance for this bathroom refurbishment.

While the bathroom is taken care of, this doesn’t automatically eliminate all the other issues that are present with the rest of the home. The kitchen has no working appliances and has so much dried filth that has embedded itself into the countertops. I don’t know how our grandmother lived like this. If I didn’t know, I’d assume that it had been inhabited by squatters for at least two years. The bathroom renovation might be the step in the right direction, but it’s only a start.