Your New Pool Fence

Stained glass is due for a comeback – I’m pretty darned sure of it, and I’m rarely wrong on this sort of thing. More to the point, though, it’s about to blow up in the realm of pool fencing. See, pool fences have traditionally been a utilitarian thing, and not something to be whimsical about. …

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From Turmoil to Tranquility

Man, this glass is amazing. Such a simple and elegant solution. This whole place was in turmoil, and when I say turmoil, I mean TURMOIL. Just, turmoil, all over the dang place. Turmoil in the meetings, turmoil at the water cooler, turmoil when passing someone in the corridor. It was a city of Turmoil, with …

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Raining Shower Screens

Well, there goes the shower screen, along with my relaxing bath. It’s been hanging off its hinges for months, and it finally gave way just now, hitting the corner of the bath on the way down and cracking – fortunately, not into a million pieces. Good times! A lot of the fittings in this house …

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