Think Wallpaper Thoughts

“Maphira? Maphira?”

Maphira came out of her daze, shaking her head lightly. “What happened?”

The woman behind her, still sitting in the tube of a giant, indoor playground, cleared her throat. “I have no idea. We were talking and you sort of just spaced out for a good ten minutes there. What were you thinking about?”

Turning to hide her embarrassment, Maphira said, “Oh, it was nothing. I was just thinking about my favourite flower wallpaper as a kid.”

“A bit random, but okay.”

Maphira brushed her hair to the side. “Yep, it was definitely that and not about the most horrible things in the Space Battles series. That would be really stupid. As a kid, I was obsessed with different wallpapers and the process of wallpaper installation. I must have had fifteen different wallpapers as a kid. I’d always get a new one for my birthday. Anyway, where were we?”

“You were about to sit down and talk about joining the Resistance.”

Turning, Maphira gave a short, bitter laugh. “Nice try. I was about to leave because you guys don’t even know how to run a resistance properly.”

The woman seemed to shrink a little, sighing. “I suppose you’re right about that. But that’s why we need you. You were one of the first people to fight back against the Mechanists, along with your sister. You inspire our people. And with your leadership skills, I think we could really stand a chance at fighting back.”

Maphira bit her lip. “Give me one good reason to help you, rather than going and starting a business that sells dinosaur wallpaper near Melbourne.”

“You could save your sister before it is too late.”

She turned back sharply. “What? Rylee’s in danger?”

The woman nodded. “She is being courted by the Mechanists, attempting to lure her into a trap. A few days ago, one of our drones picked up your old partner meeting with your sister. Help us, and we’ll help you save her.”