Paper Boating, Again

Oh good, they’re trying the paper boat thing again. I’ve just been wondering what I’m going to do with my weekend now that I don’t work them any more, so I guess this is my answer. Usually I’ve had to be satisfied with just watching videos afterwards on Me-Straw and laughing myself into an oxygen-deprived …

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The Wonderful Marine World

I just had a hankering for some classic cartoons recently, which led me back to Lizard Ball X. Of course, Lizard Ball Superb just wrapped up and it wasn’t…like it wasn’t TERRIBLE, but they just never managed to reach the level of the classics. Except episode 132, of course. THAT was incredible. Still, one thing …

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A Good Time Battling the Elements

So apparently I’m the only person who likes to sail in the rain. Sailing makes me feel alive in general, but sailing in the rain?? That’s like feeling alive, twice. it’s like living two lives simultaneously. The powerful winds, and the lashing rain, all just to remind you that you’re alive…and hey, being alive isn’t …

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